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Standard machine Series


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  • Standard machine Series

    Lanson has talents of high international level. We devote to provide high quality casting equipment with stable quality, accurate processing that through domestic and overseas mainstream design technique to studying usual practice and requirements of customer.


    Product details

    Lanson has talents of high internationallevel. We devote to provide high quality casting equipment with stable quality,accurate processing that through domestic and overseas mainstream designtechnique to studying usual practice and requirements of customer.

    Clamping unit systemfeature

    1)high rigidity\high strength

    using advanced software of finite element analysis, rational stress distribution , less deformation:new-style box-type platen, integrate casting technological design, high strength, high rigidity ,increase of service life

    2) high stability

    Overlength movable plate, enhancing close mold stabilityand durable of machine, high-tensilestrength tie bar of alloy steel and exterior hard chrome with wear-resisting, not breakage easily by Lanson special design of patent.

    3)high efficiency

    could enhance productivity by high speed closedclamping technology, which upgrade above 10% speed to shorten production cycle effectively.

    4)centralizing electric lubrication

    Use centralizing electric lubrication ,Timing quantity lubrication elbow position. Increaseservice life.

    Injection system features

    1) Four stage injection
    Four stages injection speed and pressure control,  pressurization trigger mode includingposition and pressure.
    2)Stability of injection unit
    Separate accumulator, optimized accumulator designensures stability of injection pressure.

    3) independent control circuit

    Injection control and pressurization, pressurecontrol are separate.

    4)equipped with lifting gear
    Adjust injection location according to product andprocess requirement.


     1)the ratio control system

    Pressure and flow rate of electric proportional controlsystem , with multistage pressure and speed control, and low pressure moldprotection function.


    2)Germany's Siemenscontrol system
    Germany's Siemens control system, excellent performance in productionmanagement, fault diagnosis and multiple sets of mould parameter storage, etc.


    3)Famous imported brands
    Reliable and durable imported famous brand of hydraulic andelectrical components.


    4)electric ratio control (small machine optional, big machine standard)
    Fast shot and pressurization using high precision proportionalvalve electric control, high control precision, easy adjustment.


    5)equip with servo motor to effectively energy saving above 45% ,production cycle shorten over 10%.