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  • GT3-BT

    ange of application Thin wall packaging industry, fast food/ice cream containers, disposable cup,tableware, mobile phone covers, etc.


    Product details

    More stable and reliable, more rigid mouldclamping

    The German imported control system makes the machine run moresmoothly.With the requirements of the thin-wall packaging mold, the rigidity ofthe mouldclamping mechanism is further strengthened.

    Faster response, higher injection speed

    The new injection unit structure, response speed is increased by 40%,the highest speed of over 320mm/s.

    Mouldclamping system is more stable

    Proportional open mode control, faster opening speed, more accurateposition of the die.

    More power saving and more energy saving.

    Optimization of servo system, more power saving, moreenergy saving.